Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)

Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.
(Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days)

Jules Verne brought me around the World in just three days. It is really fascinating story.

I never red his story before (shame on me), but I already watched a movie which was adapted from his famous writing ‘A Journey to the Centre of the Earth’. Started from my intention to buy a Plato and Platypus book (which I may told to you later on), I ended up with buying another book. Here my little synopsis about “Around the World in Eighty Days”.


Around the World in 80 days coverAll of the story started with a little chit-chat between a group in men the Reform Club – . Phileas Fogg, the main character in this novel is member of the Reform Club, where he stated that he may travel around the World in just eighty days. His friends laughed at his statement and said that it would be impossible to travel in that very short time. Phileas Fogg himself is one of mathematically person, who always ready and counted every possibility that may happen very well. Time-sharped as ‘late’ won’t be in his dictionary. And by saying that he may go around the world even daring himself to be drag in a big-bet with his friends was sound so insane.

“…since to-day is Wednesday, the second October, I ought to be back in London, in this very saloon of the Reform Club, on Saturday the twenty-first December, at eight forty-five in the evening …” (Phileas Fogg)

Then, the world-travelling began. Fogg was accompanied by his new-loyal-but-sloppy servant named Passepartout. His slovenliness sometimes brought me into a burst laugh. For the first laugh, his foolishness began when he and his master arrived in the train station to start their journey.

Fogg : What is the matter?
Passepartout : Why-in-in my haste – my disturbed state of mind, I forgot –
Fogg : Forgot what?
Passepartout : To turn off the gas in my room
Fogg : Very well, young man. It will burn at your expense.

Well, as the long journey already began, I would like you to know their traveling plans. They would travel from London to Suez than Bombay to Calcutta, after that Hong-Kong to Yokohama, continued to the last place which is San Fransisco and went back to London. I managed to find his travel map from wikipedia.

Fogg’s travel map

Many obstacles lie in front of these men. Even-tough Fogg calculated the entire time-consumed, steam, boat or road travel’s time preciously and always followed his schedule; in the other hand, his accompany could not do exactly the same as he was. Passepartout always caught in the minor trouble but can caused a major disaster. Once, he entered shrine in Calcutta without take off his shoes, meanwhile in India culture, shrine is a sacred place. Like I said before, he was sloppy but loyal to Fogg.

It was just a minor, while the bigger hindrance came towards his master, Mr. Fogg. Back to his hometown, Mr. Fogg was actually fell under suspicion on the robbery. A day before Mr. Fogg started his journey, The Bank of England was robbed by unknown and brought almost fifty-five thousand pounds in bank notes. His sudden journey around the world dragged police attention. More over, none really knew what is Mr. Fogg earn for his living, where he was known as a rich gentleman with none around him; except his servant. Fix, the detective from England, joined Mr. Fogg journey unwittingly. He also tried to stop Mr. Fogg’s travel by causing him a problem as much as he could.

Could he able to prove that traveling around the world in eighty days is possible? Could he win his bet, or the most important will be his proud? Is he the robber of the Bank of England? You may find the answer one by one here, in this small thick novel which may not spent you 80 days to travel around the world! šŸ™‚


I never travel around the world before. Well, the furthest one could be Thailand. And just last night, my genius-brother who lucky enough to travel to Netherlands sent me pics around his hotel. I am overly envy. Pic credited to my genius-brother. Have fun, travel safe!


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