He’s Just not That Into You : The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys (2004)

Why do you have to buy the book that is so obvious? Don’t you understand well when the guy like you or not?
(asked by Mr. I)

It’s stereotype book that make woman even harder to get close. (stated by Mr. A)

He's Just not That Into You (Greg B. & Liz T.)

He’s Just not That Into You (Greg B. & Liz T.)

Well, don’t us (woman) love to make sure things over and over again especially about the guy? I know, it sounds pathetic for a woman to chase her man about his feeling, but woman want the affirmation not confusion. So this book is a good deal for you (girls) to get rid over the floating relationship and determine the border. And this book is really good for you (especially the girls in my BBM contact list with their miserable status’ about hoping their guy came back or being “kakak-adek” relationship). And you will realize, how stupid you are.

There are 11 signs to express that “He’s just not that into you”. Well, from this 11, I just red the 9 of them because another two wasn’t compatible to my culture. The question and answer type is used by Greg to deliver his thinking about how we (woman) have to behave. I just laughed and laughed over any questions that was asked by them and how Greg answered it. He tried to be ‘as polite as’ he could, but somehow, his ‘rude’ way hit the point very well. Meanwhile Liz tried to calm down “the hot debate” by being middle-man and tried to give the “softer explanation” about what her partner means.

I want to tell you the secret of this book one by one, but I won’t. Hahaha.. But, here are several highlighted point that usually happen.

The ‘Maybe He’s Intimidate by Me’ Excuse.

“… a guy will ask out a woman of higher status if he’s into her. He might need a little more encouragement than normal.”

Indeed! But hey, Greg is true. If he has the encourage to do better, any status won’t deter his love. That’s what my father also said to me.

The ‘But He’s Very Important’ Excuse.

“The word ‘busy’ is a load of crap and is most often used by assholes. The word ‘busy’ is the relationship Weapon Mass Destruction.”

Good jab! Many women gave this excuse that her boy is too busy in working, bla bla, have no time to spend time together, bla bla, hard to get reach, bla bla. Well, see the fact that actually “Men are never too busy to get what they want”. So, either you are not the important one, or his activities are important than anything else (I think it’s same, but whatever).

The ‘I Do Not Accept His Breakup’ Excuse

“You can’t talk your way out of a breakup. It is not up for discussion. A breakup is a definitive action, not a democratic one.”

Hole in one! This may be one of many excuses that used by many women in the world who didn’t accept her partner decision to break up with her. She wanted to ask why, what happen, what’s wrong with us. Greg told us to write over what we want to ask to our ex, keep it for a moment, and read it again. How does it sound? :p

Well I mentioned three random excuses from this book. I feel I want to but other copies of this book and hand it over to my-dramatic-status’- girl. It’s worth it to buy it, even it’s not cheap especially in Indonesia currency. This is my own-23-rd-birthday-gift, from me to me.

Oh dear, I watched the movie long time ago. But, that’s good book too. Well, Happy Birthday, cat lady! (delivered message from Mr. N)


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