‘The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.’ – Voltaire

I made this blog special for my overloaded book case in my small 3×4 cubicle room-rent. Every centimeters of your emptiness is important for me to keep my book safe from naughty louse or wicked yellow stain. I know that it even harder for you to keep your body steady because I always feed you with piling books every weeks. But, you must know, how much I love you because you are the one who can keep my imagination line up neatly in side of your cramp chest.

I made this blog special for every person that write, publish and hand in their imagination, their knowledge, their hopes to me on their written-books. Without you, I don’t even know that world is ellipse, not a perfect circle; I won’t understand that fishes can hunt above the water; and I won’t have any imagination about how hard the Anyer-Panurukan road are constructed. I love all the space of imagination that you gave to me and let me create my imaginary world.

I made this blog, special for you. The one that teach me how to read, how to interpret, how to react, how to understand (and how to condemn). With whom I will share all of my fantasy. I love to wait for you to come and pick me.


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